With its limitless sights and experiences, we, at Safari Park, can’t help but stimulate young minds, introducing children to the principles and practices of conservation as well as offering many kinds of fun. Part of our mission is to pass on our passions to the next generation in a way that is exciting and involving.



Children can have the time of their lives here as they are provided with ample opportunities and tools to explore their adventurous side. We have carefully designed a range of adventure activities that can appeal to a broader age group. Our experts will identify the areas of interest of every child and guide them appropriately.

The activities we offer for children include trekking, highly educational walks combined with a fabulous and fun-filled picnic and loads of other activities. Parents can join their kids to make these fun times more enjoyable.



We offer spacious, smartly designed and well-appointed family suites. Families can have a great time enjoying the facilities in our suites that has large and comfortable bedrooms with attached bathrooms to deliver the highest level of comfort during your stay here. Our menu is crafted to cater to various tastes.

Meal and Accommodation