A wildlife specialty resort in a village surrounded by the southern forests of India’s showcase wildlife park Corbett Tiger Reserve, one of India’s oldest National Parks.



The Jim Corbett National Park is blessed with the natural bounty and wildlife splendor. It comprises of fresh water & alpine flora and a diverse variety of fauna, extends over an area of 520 sq. Km. Flora comprise 488 species of trees, shrubs, climbers, bamboo and grass and fauna comprises 600 species of birds, reptiles, fishes and mammals.

Jim Corbett, being one of the richest homes for many wonderful as well as endangered species of animals, the park maintains a dutiful shelter in preserving a large and diverse variety of flora and fauna count.



The tourist visiting these places are unknown with the danger in the wildlife safari. Taking selfies, videos and other recordings may disturb the animals and their habitats.

As per the record, the forest authorities have pulled up the Gypsy drivers for taking the tourists too close to the animals. Even some tourists were fined by the authorities for imitating the sounds of bird calls using gadgets to attract the birds. In addition, the tourists have clicked many photo shoots showing the animals too close to them. Such kind of activities may give a thrill or become dangerous for both human beings as well as animals.


Jim Corbett national park famous for its fauna like tigers, elephants, deers, para or hog deer, sambar, kakaror barking deer, lepards and many more animals.



The Corbett National Park enjoys the privilege of being the first national park of India to be covered under the diverse variety of flora and fauna. It has a significant population of smaller mammals which, perhaps, offer the most special and unique sighting among all.

Jim Corbett is a paradise of wildlife and bird lovers. It is a must visit place for any nature and wildlife loving person. To know more about the wildlife, please come and visit.

“If the greatest happiness one can experience is the sudden cessation of great pain, then the second greatest happiness is undoubtedly the sudden cessation of great fear”
- Edward James Corbett